Brian Costello

Founder & CEO - O23 Coaching & Business

Brian is the Founder & CEO of O23 Coaching & Business, an innovative system that is leading the a revolution in the Health/Fitness Industry by positioning the Coach as the most powerful influence in Health Care and shifting the focus to the power of the "other 23hrs".

Brian has spent years developing the most thorough Holistic Lifestyle Systems in the industry, fundamentally transforming the way Coaches understand and teach Holistic Living in our modern society.

Combined with the Coaching education and tools, comes an intensive "soup-to-nuts" Business Mentorship.  The system first develops the Coach on the groundbreaking methodology, then helps them re-structure their business model as a true Health Professional, and finishes with an intensive Sales Mentorship to ensure the Coaches are finding the people who need them the most and living in financial freedom.

Brian frequently shares his mission to "radically re-direct the health of the human species, starting in the Coaching industry".    

Intuitive Living

Brian grounds his unique methodology in the art of Intuitive Living, as we re-connect to ourselves, our nature, and each other, using timeless ancient principles re-purposed for our modern world.

The future of health is in our past. 

The theoretical underpinning to all of Brian's theories are simple...

1) Optimal is normal.

2) We are all fully equipped to live optimally with nothing more than the body and the brain that we are born with.

3) Optimal living can be understood and achieved by anyone, at any point in their life. 

Human Advancement Strategist

Brian ties all of his teachings and theories into practical and actionable strategies for immediate impact on ourselves, the people closest to us, and ultimately the collective consciousness. 

Brian's innovative theories venture far beyond what we typically consider "health" topics, and are sparking important conversations in all things health, happiness, and the future of the human species.

Brian is a Bio-political futurist, and one with immense hope for the human population, despite the current state. 


With the commitment to his clients of radical transformation in realms of health, wealth, and happiness, Brian's underlying theme across all teachings is the need for financial freedom

Brian has been a serial entrepreneur since the day he finished schooling, launching a myriad of different businesses and projects, and considers this knowledge as valuable as the rest, as all real-change begins with disruption and innovation.  


For all information on Podcast bookings, guest presentations, and Corporate Speaking Engagements, email [email protected]

Bio Summary


Founder of O23™ Coaching & Business Systems

Creator of L.O.O.K™ Lifestyle Assessment

2x Voted Best Trainer on Long Island

Founder of Long Island Fitness Professional Course (FitProf)


Founder & CEO - O23™ Coaching & Business Systems (current)

Host & Executive Producer - The Brian Costello Show (current)

Chairman of the Board - Spectrum Strength (Fitness program for adults with Autism) (current)

Founder of Elite Performance Media (2016)

Executive Producer of "Output TV" (2016)

Founder & CEO of CrossFit Long Island (2010-2016, 3x Voted Best Gym on Long Island)

Subject Matter Expertise:

Intuitive Living & Human Optimization

The Foundational 4™ Practices - Food, Sleep, Movement, Mindset

High-Performance Lifestyle Design

Bio-Political Theory / Human Advancement Strategies 

Plant Medicine / Ancient Healing     

Fasting (in 2017 completed a 30-day extended Fast) 

Breathwork (certified Breath Coach)

Human Biomechanics

Free Market Economics / Voluntary Human Exchange

Natural birthing / Childhood Development / Education

Current Focuses:

O23™ Health Coaching - Turning the industry upside down by empowering the individual with Intuitive Methods that require no textbook Science and cost $0. 

Health Theory / Future - The trends and patterns of individual health, the health of our society, and the longterm ramifications of modern lifestyle. 

Human Advancement Strategies - Actionable and impactful strategies for human advancement as individuals and society, starting with the Self and seeking Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Balance. 


5x USLA National Beach Sprint Champion

5x Team USA Selection (Team Captain 2013)

2x World Finalist

Reebok CrossFit Games Regional Competitor (2011, 2012)


For all information on Podcast bookings, guest presentations, and Corporate Speaking Engagements, email [email protected]


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