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How to Optimize Your “Other 23” to LOOK Better, FEEL Better, and PERFORM Better...

(without spending an extra minute or extra dollar).


Simple Systems

O23 Holistic Systems are built on simplicity and sustainability, so you can transform your lifestyle once-and-for-all.

Modern Lifestyle

Our Systems are for real people, with real schedules, living in the reality of our modern world.

Immediate Success

Walk out the door with a powerful plan you can begin right away!

O23 Blueprint at Your Gym

3-Hour Holistic Lifestyle Masterclass









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What is it?


The O23 Blueprint is a 3-hour live interactive Masterclass to help gym athletes finally look and feel the way they deserve, by mastering their “other 23”.

Attendees will be introduced to the innovative O23 methodology, and provided new tools and skills they can use immediately to optimize their time outside of the gym.


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The O23 Blueprint is a live interactive workshop. Seats are limited to ensure quality attention and mentorship.

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We Know Who You Are...


You are the type of person who cares about being fit, happy, and healthy.  Maybe you’re not a full-blown health freak, but you care.

Thing is, being fit, happy, and healthy sure ain't easy in today’s world.

You love getting in the gym and busting your ass, but it doesn’t seem like enough anymore. 

You’re probably noticing that your body isn’t changing as quickly as it used to, and that performance in the gym eventually plateaus no matter how hard you push.

You might also be realizing that the gym isn’t fixing all of the things you hoped it would - the groggy mornings, the frantic schedule, the mid-day crash, the motivation slumps, the cravings, the binging, the mind-racing at night.  You know, the “other” stuff.

The gym is a huge piece of the puzzle, but it’s only one piece. In today's world it's just not enough. 

It’s time to turn our attention to the “Other 23 hours”.

We Are the Health Leaders of the Fitness Industry.


O23 Holistic Systems is revolutionizing the way Health and Lifestyle is taught in the fitness industry. 


We help people apply ancient wisdom to our modern lifestyle to look and feel their absolute best, every single day.


No gimmicks, no fads, no gadgets, no pills, no sciencey mumbo jumbo.


We complete the Fitness puzzle with the biggest and most impactful pieces that are incredibly effective and surprisingly simple.

What We do...


At O23 we help people solve the bigger problems in their life, the things that fitness and exercise alone can’t fix.   

That means tackling the things that affect us every single day and ripple into all important areas of our lives.

We give people the tools and skills to…. 


  • Achieve the body that they dream about (without diets, meal plans, or restrictive eating).
  • Sleep like a baby (without pills or supplements)
  • Wake up with the Birds (without caffeine or artificial kickstarters)
  • Have all-day energy (without slumps, crashes, or jitters)
  • Live a more active lifestyle (without more time in the gym or away from the family)
  • Improve mental focus and clarity (even with our overstimulated lifestyle) 
  • Encode high-performing habits (that don’t feel rigid and strict) 
  • Decode the habits that are holding you back (in a way that feels FREEING)
  • Experience elevated mood and emotions (without drugs or outside help)
  • Feel what it means to truly THRIVE in today’s world (in a way 99% of people will never experience)

 It doesn’t happen in a day, but it starts in one.  


The O23 Blueprint is the first step in mastering the Other 23.

The O23 Blueprint™

2-Hour Holistic Lifestyle Masterclass

Lead by a Certified O23 Professional™


⧫ O23 Blueprint Handbook with Action Plan (done together)

⧫ Free 1-1 “O23 Gameplan” Call with O23 Professional ($149 Value)

⧫ Follow-Up Group Zoom with O23 Professional (10 days after)

Event Outline

What You'll Leave With...


⧫ The innovative principles of O23 Optimization that can be understood by anyone and implemented by everyone. 

⧫ Redesigned AM and PM Rituals for better sleep and sustained energy.

 ⧫ A nutrition kickstart you’ll actually enjoy and can continue to build on.

⧫ Simple mindset and meditation frameworks to enhance or begin your practice.

⧫ Habit Hacking strategies to automate progress and success every single day.

⧫ Easy Time Management tools to overcome even the most hectic schedules
⧫ A Fast Action Plan to kickstart major improvements with minor adjustments starting IMMEDIATELY.

We Promise...


All We Ask...


The O23 Blueprint™

2-Hour Holistic Lifestyle Masterclass

Lead by a Certified O23 Professional™


⧫ O23 Blueprint Handbook with Action Plan (done together)

⧫ Free 1-1 “O23 Gameplan” Call with O23 Professional ($149 Value)

⧫ Follow-Up Group Zoom with O23 Professional (10 days after)


The O23 Blueprint is a one-of-a-kind experience with a one-of-a-kind company.  Allow us to clear up any questions...

Learn More About The O23 Revolution...

We are leading the Holistic revolution in the fitness industry, learn more about why and how....

The O23 Evolution: How'd We Get Here?

Brian tells the short version of a long story in this podcast about the birth of O23. 

Click to hear the details of the success and struggles that lead O23 to become the Health Leaders of the Fitness Industry.

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What Do We Teach?

This IS NOT a fasting program, and we do not teach fasting to our clients, however, Brian's extended fast experience brought upon some profound shifts in perspective that are now changing the way Health is taught in the Fitness Industry. 

He shares the short version of another long story here, with everything you need to know.

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