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O23™ Pro Certification


The Most Complete Professional in the Fitness Industry.



The Health Leaders of the Fitness Industry. 


The Holistic Revolution has begun and the industry is shifting far beyond just exercise and nutrition.

The best Coaches in the industry are using their experience and influence to go beyond the gym walls and take their clients and their career to a whole new level.

O23 Pro's are the most complete professional in the industry.

We're living in a world that's bringing unprecedented amounts of physical, mental, and emotional stress.  Our clients are dealing with problems that require a lot more than just fitness and exercise.

At O23, we know Fitness Professionals are best suited to conquer the REAL health challenges our clients and our society live with today.

Together, we're proving what's possible when you expand beyond the gym walls and into the Other 23™.

The O23™ Academy 

Certified O23 Holistic Lifestyle Specialist 

Live and learn our unique solutions to the most common problems our clients and our society today.

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Block 1 - Holistic Principles

 We all are all rooted to the same Earth, we are all wired to the same Sky, and we all share the same senses.

At the same time, we are all facing the same unprecedented challenges of our modern lifestyle.

O23 Holistic Principles are the most innovative and effective way of applying the Universal wisdom of Nature to modern day society.

This is the fundamental structure of our entire methodology. 

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Block 2 - Lifestyle Optimization Systems

The wisdom of Nature is Universal, but our goals, schedules, budgets, and backgrounds are not.

O23 Lifestyle Optimization Systems are how we make it all work in each of our specific lives, and the lives of our clients.

These tools and techniques can be learned in minutes, but will be refined forever.

Here, we master the Art and Science of Lifestyle Optimization.

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Block 3 - Integration & Implementation

I&I means it's time to take your new knowledge and tools to the world as the most complete Coach in the game.

We finish the program with thorough education on the most successful strategies you can use to transform your clients and your career.

Use our proven frameworks to hit the ground running and ensure success.

After Graduation, you'll have FREE access to the O23 community and group training calls for life.

What exactly is an O23 HLS?


A Certified O23 Holistic Lifestyle Specialist is a Coach who has the knowledge, skills, and tools to...

  • Teach a client how to fully optimize their life outside of the gym (no matter what their current schedule, budget, or body looks like)
  • Guide a client step-by-step through fundamental lifestyle transformation (in a way that they can't "fall off")
  • Help clients connect the Physical to the Mental, Emotional, and even Spiritual (without leaving the scope of Fitness)
  • Tackle the real health challenges we all face today (in ways that Healthcare cannot)
  • Inspire clients to truly become the best possible version of themselves (without rigid discipline or restriction)

We promise...

The Era of the Other 23 has begun.


Ask yourself...


Am I going to stick to fitness forever, or am I ready to help people experience true Holistic Health?

How much better could I help my clients if I had more than just 1hr/day and went beyond the gym walls?

How far could I take them if I had a real systems for sleep, nutrition, mindset, stress, and lifestyle design?

How much money am I losing because I'm limited to just fitness and exercise?

How will I separate myself as a leader in the field with a voice people actually listen to?


Are you ready become the most complete Professional in Fitness? 

The industry is evolving...are you?

The last decade was pretty wild, but the biggest changes are just beginning.  Are you equipped to lead the shift?  


We get it...


We know who you are.  You are the type of Coach who cares.  A coach that sets out everyday to truly help your clients change their lives in meaningful ways.

At this point, you know your clients need more, but it's impossible for you to truly make the impact you want and solve more complex  problems in just 1 hour a day in the gym. 

You need to be able to expand your impact beyond the gym walls and help them finally master sleep, nutrition, mindset, stress, and the lifestyle habits that tie it all together.

You try and help with some tips and tricks and quick pointers....but you know it isn't enough to take them to the next level, and worst of all, it feels like you are wasting your breath.

We know exactly how it feels, and how frustrating it is for a great Coach to be limited in their ability to truly deliver.  

You need systems.

Structure and sequence to guide a client start-to-finish to the results they are looking for.

The same tools that work in the gym, work outside of it.

We provide Assessments, progressions, education, standards of success, benchmarks, etc, so you can become the most complete professional in Fitness.

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Steve P.

I now feel extremely confident in my abilities as an O23 coach to help people on a deeper, more meaningful level.

My clients are eating, sleeping, moving, and thinking better than they have in years. Not only have they seen some change on the scale, they also feel amazing. More energy, more clarity, more confidence.

I feel so fulfilled with the work I’m doing and I know this level of thriving is available to anyone willing to dive in and do the work on the Other 23 hours of the day.

Let's talk.

Our Enrollment process starts with a simple Connection Call.  A casual 25-30 minutes is all we need to learn more about you and your career goals, and for you to get to know us. 

If it sounds like you're in the right place, we'll schedule the next steps from there.


Anderson W.

After being in the CrossFit space for 5+ years, I felt like there was something missing from the messaging. I knew that there had to be more to our health and longevity than the counting macros (insert your “diet” of choice here) and high intensity. I wanted more from the health and fitness industry and I wanted to reach people on a deeper level.

Once I was awakened to the ideals of the O23, my body started to thrive and I found passion in what I was doing on a daily basis. I reconnected with my basic needs and feelings and found the fulfillment I had been seeking. And through this process I transformed my life into something I never dreamed would be a reality.

I love spreading this mission to the world and helping people reconnect with themselves in deeper way.

Ben A.

I have more time than I’ve ever had since I started working.

I take the best care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually than I ever have in my life, and I have a far greater impact on my clients that I would have thought possible with the way I was doing things before. 

It’s truly changed my life in ways I didn’t think possible.

Shelli W. 

Before I became an O23 Pro, I was looking for something to help my clients more, but I didn't really even know how or what I was capable of helping them with. I just knew that what I was doing wasn't making the impact that I wanted (in or out of the gym.)

The O23 Systems have changed my life! I now know exactly what I need to do every day to feel amazing and thrive!

I finally understand how to help people look and feel their absolute best! This has always been my goal, but I didn't know how to until now.

Frequently Asked Questions...

We do things differently around here, and this is a big career move for you.  Surely, you have some questions...

Travis W.

Before O23 I did not know how to implement the important things with my personal training clients. Sure, we had conversations here and there about what to do outside of the gym, but I had no concrete strategies or systems in place.

O23 has given me the tools to feel confident as a coach and truly impact my clients in the ways they need and deserve. 

Not only has O23 given me the tools to upgrade my coaching abilities, but I have also been able to upgrade my own life. The combination of accountability and education is something that I have needed for a long time now. Having a mentor guiding me through the process has truly been priceless. Coaches need coaches.

O23 does things a bit different, and I am a better Coach and human for it.  

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It all starts with a simple conversation. A basic overview of what you do and what we do.  From there we'll schedule an interview if it seems like the right move.

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Michelle M.

Before O23, I wished I could do more as a fitness coach and wondered how I can help people in my gym improve their lives through fitness.

But now, as an O23 Pro, I am fully equipped with what I need to bring a client to full health while also helping them in meaningful ways not just by improving their fitness, but also the overall quality of their life.