Meet The Team.

Our Mentor Team is revolutionizing the way Health is taught in the industry, and helping Coaches transform their clients and career.

Brian Costello

Founder & CEO

Brian's history of impact in this industry goes way back to the previous decade, and along the way he has earned a strong reputation as an action taker and change maker.

Brian is changing the way Holistic Living is taught and learned in our modern society, and is once again miles ahead of the crowd in regards to innovation.

As both a Master teacher of all things Holistic Living, and revolutionary business leader, Brian helps Coaches take their profession to an unprecedented level.

Meet Brian

Matt Mancz

Master Coach - Holistic Lifestyle Optimization

Matt spent 7 years at the pinnacle of the Fitness world - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Division 1 powerhouse.  But it didn't take long for him to realize how much was missing on the "other side" and has since switched his focus to the full spectrum of Health.

Along with his work at O23, Matt is also studying traditional Chinese Medicine en route to becoming a Massage Therapist at Pacific College of Health Sciences.

Matt and his fiance, Missy, have also converted a van into a tiny-home and will be setting onto the road full time in 2021 in pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness! 

Jordan Todd

Master Coach - Business & Sales

Jordan started as a classic case of hustle and grind, catapulting his way up to the top of the industry at a young age with achievements on both the Coaching and Business side that most Coaches never reach. 

Now, Jordan has solidified himself in the field as a true expert on all things marketing/message, sales, communication, mindset, and leadership.

When it comes to breakthroughs and big-league action, Jordan is the one helping Coaches all over the world take their career to the next level.  


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