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Fitness was invented in the 1900's to make up for the lack of activity in our changing lifestyle. 

Simple problem, simple solution.

Thing is, our 2022 lifestyle lacks a lot more than just activity, and the most common problems we experience can no longer be solved in the gym alone.

These problems have forced the industry to evolve.

We are now entering the era of the Other 23.

Coaches are seeing the need. Clients are feeling the need. Society is showing the need.

The scope of fitness is expanding to address the bigger challenges our clients and our society live with today. And not a moment too soon.

This is the next step. This is the O23.

How Can We Help You?

O23 is leading the Holistic revolution by helping Coaches and Clients master the Other 23 hours.

I'm a Fitness Client...

...ready to finally look and feel the way I deserve (forever), by optimizing my O23.

I'd like to...

  • Achieve the body that I dream about (without diets, meal plans, or restrictive eating). 
  • Improve mental focus and clarity (even with our overstimulated lifestyle) 
  • Permanently encode high-performing habits (that don’t feel rigid and strict)  
  • Experience elevated mood and emotions every single day (without drugs or outside help)  
Show Me How

I'm a Fitness Coach...

...ready to turn to a Health Professional who can solve the real problems our clients and our society face today.

I'd like to...

  • Have bigger IMPACT on my clients by expanding my services beyond the gym walls.
  • Have stronger INFLUENCE as a leader in my local market with a voice people actually listen to. 
  • Earn Professional INCOME that an industry expert deserves for this level of Coaching 
  • Come aboard the most dynamic TEAM in the Fitness Profession and be a leader in the Holistic Revolution.  
Give Me More

Our industry leading Systems...

O23 Blueprint™

Holistic Lifestyle Masterclass

O23 Reboot™

21-Day Intensive Kickstart Series


O23 Upgrade™

Lifestyle Transformation System

O23 Playbook

Fundamental O23 Principles & Instant Action Guide

O23 Toolbelt

O23 Assessments & Educational Series


O23 Pro Academy

O23 Pro Certification & Staff Development Course

The O23 Radio and O23 Pro Show

Tune in and listen to the only shows in Fitness focused on the Other 23...

O23 Radio

Everything You Need to Finish the Fitness Equation.

The O23 Pro Show

Next Level Listening for The Health Leaders of the Fitness Industry

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