Take your Self, your Clients, and your Career to the next level by connecting the Physical to the Mental, Emotional, and even the Spiritual.

(without leaving the Scope of Fitness)


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Take your Self, your Clients, and your Career to the next level in our HLS1 Masterclass.

  • 2 Week Immersive Experience
  • Daily Video Content (Mon-Thurs)
  • 3 LIVE Group Mentorship Calls (Friday’s)
  •  A One on One Career & Vision Call w/O23 Team Member
  • Tools for immediate use
  •  Massively Expand Your Scope of Practice
  •  Broaden Your Education into an Entirely New Realm of Study
  •  Jumpstart Your Own Lifestyle Optimization Journey (for real this time)
  •  Take the Most Significant Steps of Your Career 
  •  Free to qualified Fitness Professionals   
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Amplify Your Impact With Professional Coaching Systems That Go Beyond The Gym Walls.  


What if you could...?


  • Systematically connect the Physical to the Mental, Emotional, and even Spiritual without leaving the scope of Fitness?
  • Massively expand your scope of practice without going back to school or drowning yourself in heavy science?

  • Have as much (or more!) impact on your clients outside the gym as you do in the gym without having to create a separate business for it?
  • Provide high-level solutions to your clients biggest problems without needing more gym space or equipment?
  • Have professional assessments, progressions, and teaching lessons guaranteed to help a client transform their life without having to build them all yourself?

  • Truly know you were playing a significant role in the health and healing of our society without having to leave the Fitness Career you love?

The Answers are in the Other 23™

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You know they need more than you can offer in the gym alone. You know how drastically you could impact their lives. And now you'll finally be able to:

  • Address higher level problems with clear structure, systems, and solutions.
  • Offer a Professional grade Lifestyle Coaching service that exceeds their expectations.
  • Broaden your impact and deepen your client relationships.

We all know what happens when a client stops progressing in the gym. You get frustrated, they get frustrated, and it doesn't end well. Now you can guide them on a journey that continues way beyond "getting in shape".


The industry is shifting to meet the demands of our modern world. As the health of our society worsens, the best Fitness Professionals as stepping into bigger shoes. O23 will help you...

  • Stand out in your market as the one who can take the big cases.
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd with a unique approach and innovative systems.
  • Be recognized unmistakably as a true Professional who is playing a real role in the healing of our society. 

Step up into a bigger role and finally find the "thing" that opens up opportunities, not limits them.


This isn't just a few more letters next to your name. This is where you finally take full ownership over your own Lifestyle Journey and lead from the front.

  • Fully step onto the path of Lifestyle Optimization using O23 Holistic Systems to THRIVE.
  • Open the door to an entirely new area of study and begin the quest for Lifestyle Mastery.
  • Finally be able to set the example for Success in and out of the gym.

Even if you decided to never implement your new knowledge and skills into your career, this will be the best investment you've ever made into your own health and happiness.



“I was already aware of a lot of things in the Level 1, but really didn’t have skills to solve them. Now I can finally stop managing problems outside of the gym, and begin to actually SOLVE them for good."


“As a Physical Therapist I know my clients need so much more than just the PT itself. I know if I can just make minor tweaks in their Sleep, Nutrition, and Mindset I can take them so much further”


"I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years now and this is one of the very few courses that really made me think. Especially at this stage of the game. It truly helped me add real tools to my coaching that can help me connect the dots for my clients and solve bigger problems."

"I feel like this course is fulfilling my sense of purpose. I’ve known for a while there is a huge disconnect in the Fitness industry.  I mean I still love Movement but it’s just not as exciting as this."          - Aaron C

“Whenever an industry evolves this quickly, the Professionals in that field end up in 1 of 3 categories. Leaders, Followers, or Failures.  Fitness Coaches who want to be the Leaders of the Holistic Revolution have to make that decision right now.”

Brian Costello - Founder

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