In 2016 he left the Fitness Industry frustrated by what he could do as a Coach in 1 hour a day.

Now he's back to prove how Coaches can change the world by stepping into the Other 23™ 

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The core of the O23 mission includes....

Connecting the Physical to the Mental, Emotional, and even Spiritual (without leaving the Scope of Fitness).
Professionalizing Lifestyle Coaching with real Structure, Systems, and Solutions (just like you use IN the gym).
 Solving important Health problems beyond Fitness and Exercise (without heavy Science or going back to school).
Offering unique solutions to the most common problems in our society today (answers they've never heard before).
Equipping Fitness Professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to play a real role in the healing of our society (without the limitations of medical professionals).

Brian’s innovative theories venture far beyond what we typically consider “Fitness” topics, and are sparking important conversations in all things health, happiness, and the future of health in our Society.

While it all fits into the scope of Fitness, his approach is like nothing the Fitness industry has ever seen or heard before."

What Brian Brings to the Conversation...


➢ Unique Solutions to the Most Common Lifestyle Problems We Face Today.

Brian speaks a different language than any other coach in Fitness.

➢ Simple lessons and engaging stories that stick and click.

You'll never hear Brian using boring stats and dry Science to try and ignite change.

➢ Simplification of the most complicated topics in Health and Fitness

Brian breaks down the most complex topics in a way anyone can understand in a style he calls "decomplexification".

➢ Professional level systems and sequence for Health and Fitness Coaches who are ready to play a bigger role in the lives of their clients.

Not just more tips and tricks. Brian brings the high-level solutions needed in our modern lifestyle.

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