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Take Your Self, Your Clients, and Your Career to the Next Level.


O23 Holistic Lifestyle Specialist 

The HLS1 is the first step on the journey to becoming the Most Complete Professional in Fitness.

This 2-Week Masterclass is a high-energy, action-oriented experience guaranteed to open your mind to a new world of Lifestyle Coaching, and create big opportunities in your career.

  • 2 Week Online Curriculum
  • 30min/day (Mon-Fri)
  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions (60 Min)
  • 1 Private Mentor Session
  • Lifetime Access
  • FREE to qualified Fitness Professionals   
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O23 Holistic Lifestyle Specialist

The HLS2 is for Coaches ready to take their clients, career, and themselves to the next level.

This 16-week Academy is about assessing and addressing high-level problems so you can play a bigger role in the lives of your clients and our society as a whole.

  • 16-Week Live Instruction
  • 90min Group Class/week
  • Unlimited 1-1 Mentorship
  • Done-For-You Tools & Resources
  • Personalized O23 Program Buildout
  • Business Integration Bootcamp
  • Invite Only after HLS1

Get Clear. 

Be Certain.

Take Action.

Not 100% certain the HLS1 is the right move for you?  Let's chat.  We want to hear the vision for your career and why the O23 calls to you.  By the end of the call, it will be crystal clear if the HLS1 is the next step on your journey.
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Do You Qualify for FREE Enrollment?


We are determined to get our Systems in the hands of the best Fitness Professionals in the industry, so you can provide answers for your clients they can't find anywhere else.

You can qualify for FREE enrollment in the HLS1 if you...

  • Are determined to play a bigger role in the lives of your clients and the healing of our society as a whole.
  • Coaching is your primary Career focus.
  • You are confident in your abilities to deliver Professional level Coaching inside of the gym.

If you meet these 3 criteria, click the button below to schedule your Qualifier call and enroll in our next cohort. 


“What O23 does better than anyone else is take these complex topics and break them down into language that connects.  O23 Systems actually get people to take action and feel the change for themselves for the first time.”

-Dennis C